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Stamping Parts, Spare Parts, Copier Parts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering GR A3 Metal Screen Available, Compatible Toner for Xerox S2011/S2320/S2520, Hot Sale Compatible Toner Cartridge for Ricoh FT-410 and so on.

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GR A3 Metal Screen Available

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Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Port: Xiamen, China
Transport Package: Neutral Packages, OEM and Kreyoly Brand Packages
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: GR A3
  • Specification: SGS, ISO9001
  • Trademark: Kreyoly
  • Origin: China
Product Description
Now we can offer customer's high quality copier parts 100% compatible for Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, Toshiba, Konica Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic, Xerox series of copier machine.

1. Mode: GR A3 Metal Screen

2. For use in: Canon, Ricoh, Minolta, Toshiba, Konica Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic, Xerox

3. Choose qualified raw materials and technologies from Japan.

4. On-time delivery

Other Available Items:
Parts No.OEM No.English Name
w-010-A011-12105/07GR Screen Assy B4
w-011-A019-22102GR Screen Assy A3
w-012-A020-12121CR/RN/TR Screen Assy B4/A4
w-015-A035-16109KS Screen Assy B4
w-016-A030-16202RP Screen Assy A3
w-018-A RV/RZ Screen  B4/A3
w-065-A023-17297RV/RZ Screen Assy B4/A3
w-032-A030-16249 RP Drum Body A3
 TR/RN/CR/KS Drum Body B4
w-034-A017-12010 GR Drum Body B4
w-035-A014-12101 GR Drum Body A3
w-049-A020-12130TR Drum Body A4
w-050-A017-12004GR Drum Body A4
w-045-A023-75064RZ/RV Drum Body B4
w-046-A023-75061RZ/RV Drum Body A3
w-058-A024-75061MV Drum Body A3
w-066-A023-75065RZ Drum Body A4
w-069-A023-17259RZ Drum Body A4(Legal)
c-012612-02101RV/RZ Gear mi×15×12
c-018011-12411GR Gear; Clamp Motor
L-001011-12205GR pulley;squeegee roller
L-002035-12115KS Gear m1*26*11
L-003002-13252GR Gear pulley B;suction
L-004019-13203GR Gear pulley 38;suction
L-005019-13601GR Gear A; Clutch
L-057019-13602GR Gear B; Clutch
L-058019-13603GR Drive Gear;Clutch
L-026019-13604GR Idler Gear; Clutch
L-006-A020-11310TR/RNTiming Cam
L-008-A003-26306TR Pickup Roller
L-008-B003-26306TR Pickup Roller
L-010-A019-11806GR Rubber Roller;Pickup
L-010-B019-11806GR Rubber Roller;Pickup
L-016 KS Rubber Roller;Pickup
L-017011-11821RC Rubber Roller;Pickup
L-018000-01169GR Support Roller;Drum
L-019006-11332GR Core;Pickup Roller
L-081023-12306RZ Core;Pickup Roller
L-073 KS Core;Pickup Roller
L-070019-11810GR Rubber Roller:Ass'y
L-071035-94302KS Rubber Roller:Ass'y
L-072 RV Rubber Roller:Ass'y
L-078021-14301RN Rubber Roller:Ass'y
L-082023-12305RV Rubber Roller:Ass'y
L-028-A011-13204GR Pulley;Suction Motor
L-028-B011-13204GR Pulley;Suction Motor
L-033612-12317RP Gear;OWC A3
L-034612-12304TR/RN Gear;OWC
L-035017-11649GR Gear;Elevator
L-041023-74001RV Gear;motor;clamp
L-036020-65012TR Gear;inking motor
L-037612-81201TR Gear
L-048612-12306TR Gear
L-038011-91230GR unit drive gear
RP Collar; Projection Plate
L-077030-16223RP Collar;Projection Plate
L-044023-17116RV Flange Support Roller Drum
L-045612-10024RV Gear mi*25*7 OWC
L-046612-12208RV Gear mi*28*8
L-047612-82407RV Gear mi*41+mi*29
L-064611-42100/600GR Pulley;Drive Pickup Roller
L-065612-11200TR Gear; Drive Pickup Roller
L-066612-11300RP Gear; Drive Pickup Roller
L-079612-10021RV Gear; Drive Pickup Roller
L-103612-12107/8CV Gear; Drive Pickup Roller
L-060020-11311TR Sector Gear
L-061021-12050RN Sector Gear
L-062020-14934TR Gear 35
L-063020-15201CR Sector Gear
L-074023-15059RV Sector Gear
L-080021-19017RN Sector Gear
L-083023-17069RZ Collar D12; Clamp
L-084612-12900RP Gear  M1X9.5X12
L-085612-00004RP Gear M1X48+M1X30
L-088035-12007KS Gear m1*20*8
L-089000-01515GR Collar; Separator
L-090011-11524GR Adj; Dial
L-095612-82700TR Gear ;m1*74+m2*30
L-096612-16200TR Gear ;m2*23*6
L-104612-80017RZ Gear ;M1*42+M1*28
d-002-A628-21521TR Transfer Belt;Master (12pcs)
d-003-A628-21521/401RN Transfer Belt;Master (12pcs)
d-004-A628-521/20900RP Transfer Belt;Master (8pcs)
d-032-A628-21401RZ Transfer Belt;Master B4
d-034-A628-21401RZ Transfer Belt;Master A3
d-047-A640-60001EV Transfer Belt;Master 
d-013-A011-13220GR Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-014-A629-93810TR Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-015-A021-15011RN Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-031-A629-94570/93280RP Transfer Belt; Paper Exit  A3
d-035-A629-00002RZ Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-049-A629-00006CV Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-013-B011-13220GR Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-014-B629-93810TR Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-015-B021-15011RN Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-031-B629-94570/93280RP Transfer Belt; Paper Exit  A3
d-035-B629-00002RZ Transfer Belt; Paper Exit 
d-019-A620-78309GR Main Belt
d-019-B620-78309GR Main Belt
d-036620-00010RV Main Belt
d-038620-76159RP Main Belt A3
d-045620-76359RN Main Belt
d-039620-31776GR Belt; Pickup Roller
d-040620-97506GR Belt
d-026-A620-21209GR Squeegee Belt
d-027-A620-21309RA Squeegee Belt
d-033620-22364/94GR Belt; B239MXL-4.8
g-007-A011-91420GR Pressure Roller B4
g-008-A014-91420GR Pressure Roller A3
g-009-A020-11221RN Pressure Roller B4
g-011-A030-13101RP Pressure Roller A3
RV Pressure Roller B4
RV Pressure Roller A3
g-021-A024-75080RJ/RV/MV Pressure Roller A3
g-035-A020-11238TR Pressure Roller A4
g-038-A023-75120RV/RZ Pressure Roller A4
g-039-A011-91421GR Pressure Roller A4
g-007-B011-91420GR Pressure Roller B4
g-007-C011-91420GR Pressure Roller B4
g-008-B014-91420GR Pressure Roller A3
g-009-B020-11221RN Pressure Roller B4
g-011-B030-13101RP Pressure Roller A3
RV Pressure Roller B4
RV Pressure Roller A3
g-019017-12121GR Drive Shaft; Squeegee;OW B4
g-025014-12252GR Drive Shaft; Squeegee;OW A3
g-023023-17239RV Drive Shaft; Squeegee;OW B4
g-037023-17035RV Drive Shaft; Squeegee;OW A3
g-042030-16509RP Drive Shaft; Squeegee;OW A3
g-055030-14401RP Timing Roller A3
g-056030-14402RP Guide Roller A3
g-057023-75093RZ Timing Roller Assy 
g-058023-12501RZ Timing Roller
g-059023-12511RZ Guide Roller
g-062020-11302TR/CR Timing Roller
g-063023-28285EV/RZ Loading Roller B4
g-067023-28046EV/RZ Loading Roller A3
p-003-A020-11711TR Stripper Pad
p-004-A019-11833GR Stripper Sheet;70
p-003-B020-11711TR Stripper Pad
p-004-B019-11833GR Stripper Sheet;70
p-005019-11731GR Stripper Sheet(shrt)80
p-006019-11711GR Stripper Sheet;80
p-033017-11713RA Stripper Sheet
p-015019-11831GR Base; Stripper Sheet
p-016020-11712TR Base; Stripper Sheet
p-017019-13301GR Separator II
p-018020-11260TR Separator
P-034023-21002RV Separator
p-030020-14140TR Master Removal Hook
p-031021-19050RN Master Removal Hook
p-032035-19008KS Master Removal Hook
p-029011-14168/69GR Master Removal Hook B4
p-035007-17121GR  Master Removal Hook A4/A3
P-036035-15051KS Separator
P-039035-14403KS Base; Stripper Sheet
P-042019-11733GR Base; Stripper Sheet
P-045019-11834GR Stripper Pad U
b-001017-60020RISO GR Drum PCB
b-002020-60004TR Drum PCB
b-003444-51001RN Drum PCB
b-004011-51009RC Drum PCB
b-005444-51002RP Drum PCB ;A3
b-007019-51005GR Drum Control PCB2
b-017018-51018FR Drum Control PCB2
b-008017-60003GR Paper Sensor
b-014019-55075GR Image Flexible Wire;CE
b-024444-33005RZ Sensor PS-117ND1
GR Magnet TDK
GR pressure adj.screw; Corto
GR pressure adj.screw; Largo
q-009011-12136GR Spring Screen
q-010020-12127TR Spring Screen
q-011002-11210GR Load Spring; Guide Roller
q-012006-11305GR One-Way Spring
q-044030-14476Load Spring;RP
q-084015-14221RP One-Way Spring
q-085020-11309TR Load Spring;
q-014640-60340GR O Ring; P34-3.5
q-073640-60220GR Ink Pump Oring
q-074640-60140GR Ink Pump Oring
q-015640-60100GR Ink Pump Oring
q-016 TR Ink Pump Oring
q-017640-60150TR Ink Mouth Oring
q-135011-12139GR Drum Seal B4/A3
q-136640-61550TR/RN Drum Seal A4/B4
q-018011-12140GR Ink Blocking Sheet B4
q-019-A020-12104TR Ink Blocking Sheet B4
q-029030-16232RP Ink Blocking Sheet 
q-030023-17409RV Ink Blocking Sheet B4
q-031023-17345RV Ink Blocking Sheet A3
q-045014-12116GR Ink Blocking Sheet A3
q-028011-12104GR Seal Tape
q-099023-17257RV/RZ Seal Tape B4
q-100023-17256RV/RZ Seal Tape A3
q-032020-12376/77TR Ink Distributor II
q-076020-22415/16CR Ink Distributor II
q-095035-16304KS Ink Distributor II
q-040017-25306GR Cutter Center Guide SheetII B4
q-051019-15281GR Master Roll Flange 
q-068017-11706GR Sheet;Guide Plate
q-075000-02254/55GR Ink Blocking Plate
q-053035-14414KS Paper Gate
q-086020-12205TR Clamp Magnet
q-087019-22111GR Clamp Magnet
q-090002-12110GR Clamp Magnet
q-091650-35500TR Spring Pin; Main Gear
q-092011-12132GR Sheet; Clamp Plate
q-093014-12121GR Sheet; Clamp Plate
q-127020-98010TR/RN/CR Clamp Assy
q-128 KS Clamp Assy
q-129019-13511GR Arm; Air Pump

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